We follow fashion enthusiast Yenny Then as she journeys through Tokyo and journals her experience at the Burberry: The Cape Reimagined exhibition, which features elaborate couture capes that hearken to the brand’s history.

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I don my monochromatic Burberry outfit, pile my hair in an insouciant top-knot, and celebrate the opening of the Burberry: The Cape Reimagined exhibition, in Omotesando, Tokyo.

STSep17-Burberry digital.jpg(Left to right) So many Instagrammable spots at the uber-trendy ryokan-style boutique hotel, Hoshinoya Tokyo; My husband Desmond is a great #instagramhusband; Trying to contain my excitement while getting my face prepped for the big night

STSep17-Burberry digital2.jpg(Left to right)Who says I can’t have my cake and eat it too?; When in Japan, do as the Japanese do, right? #burberryfornails

STSep17-Burberry digital3.jpg(Left to right) The Embroidered Wing Cape is truly showstopping with layers of embroidered sequins on silk emulating a bird’s wings; The magic is in the details at Burberry, as seen in these capes crafted from delicate lace and macrame, and the balls of yarn knitted together like a modern sculpture

STSep17-Burberry digital4.jpg(Left to right) I simply cannot visit Burberry’s flagship store in Omotesando and not try on its signature trench! I am quite smitten by this modern update on the classic trench; Dinner at Hoshinoya is a sensory experience of texture, colour and form; The lush, baroque-like setting of the Ukai‑Tei restaurant is (almost) as impressive as the food

STSep17-Burberry digital5.jpg(Left to right) Pretending to be distracted when all I really want to do is buy everything!; When you need to fit into your outfit but the temptation is strong

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