Friends of Tatler will know (and look forward to) the numerous mega events such as the Fashion Hall of Fame and Tatler Ball that we host annually. Now, add the Generation T celebration to that list of the most memorable parties by Singapore Tatler

This year, we’ve launched our inaugural Generation T list, featuring 50 brightest connectors, creative visionaries, disrupting talents who are reinventing Singapore and the world. Some familiar names include The Paper Bunny’s Jaime Lee, Andre Huber of Huber’s Butchery and Benjamin Kheng of The Sam Willows. 

To mark this special occasion, we’ve invited our Generation T trailblazers and their friends for celebration. Scroll through the gallery to see how much our friends enjoyed themselves. 


Photo Booth Fun at the Generation T Party

10 Best Moments from the #GenerationTSg Party

The Generation T Crew: What Drives You to Succeed?

The Generation T Crew on Their Proudest Accomplishments

The Generation T Crew on Their Most Mischievous Childhood Memory

Covered by: Hayden Ng