Breaking the glass ceiling, having an effective business plan, finding the right partners and networks, and building a passionate team—these are just some of the challenges that women entrepreneurs may face when building a business. But when women come together, it can be a powerful thing—this was the message at social enterprise Crib and Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards evening in July. Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards is an international business plan competition that encourages inspirational women entrepreneurs worldwide to solve contemporary global challenges. To encourage women here to take the leap, three social entrepreneurs, including its 2017 laureate for Asia-Pacific, Trupti Jain, founder of Naireeta Services in India, and 2012 finalist for Asia-Pacific, Jeannie Javelosa, founder of EchoStore in the Philippines, as well as Gillian Tee, co-founder and CEO of Homage in Singapore, and also our 2017 Generation T lister, shared their valuable insights on starting their social impact businesses. Jain sums it up best: "Believe in your initiative. Be consistent in your action. Make your business cost-effective."

Covered by: Hashirin Nurin Hashimi