Don' be fooled by their good looks and relative youth. These 2017 Generation T listers are commanding attention for their innovative approaches to business, just as Lamborghini has done with its cutting-edge Huracán Performante.

They tell us what keeps their engines running and the conversations they want to spark with their work.

Mae Tan.jpg

Top and trousers, both by Off-White; heels, Mae’s own

Mae Tan, Marketing Creative at Surrender 

Driving force: Presenting fashion differently

'Through the curated list of luxury fashion brands we carry at Surrender, we want to share with people our take on fashion, as well as what’s new and up-and-coming in the industry. We want Surrender to be the platform that they look to for fashion and one that widens their perspective, but not by simply giving them what they think they want. We hope to inspire them to step out of their comfort zones and approach fashion with an open mind. Fashion is an art form after all and an avenue for people to artistically express themselves. Personally, fashion can help to change my mood, which is why I work in this industry. When I’m feeling down or moody, or lacking confidence, I’ll wear an outfit that’s a little crazier or sexier."

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Kenjiro Hashida.jpg
Outfit, Kenjiro’s own

Kenjiro Hashida, Chef-owner of Hashida Sushi

Driving force: Focusing on tradition while looking to the future

"In Japan, specialised restaurants see great success. For example, the most popular sushi restaurants serve only sushi, and the most popular tempura restaurants serve only tempura. This is unlike restaurants in other countries that serve everything. I believe a Japanese restaurant should have a concept, so for my restaurant Hashida Sushi, we only serve sushi. Through the ingredients we use, we share with our customers seasonal produce. We also tickle their senses with dishes that have been artistically plated. In this sense, we’re seeking to encourage them to understand the food they consume and challenge their perspective of sushi. Despite what people may think, that it’s too early to change the way sushi is served, I see the future of Japanese cuisine as not only rooted in cultural traditions, but as an inventive and exciting cuisine. Someone has to open that door, and that’s what I want to do."

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Pocket Sun.jpg
Outfit by Dior; heels by Fendi; ear cuff, stylist’s own 

Pocket Sun, Founding Partner of Sogal Ventures

Driving Force: Empowering women entrepreneurs

"Everything we take for granted in life can be changed. Just because something has been done a certain way for a long time doesn’t mean that’s how it should continue to be done. Through my venture capital firm SoGal Ventures, which supports thousands of female entrepreneurs globally who are each pushing for admirable social and political change in the world, I want to show others that it’s important to never be satisfied with the status quo. For me, success is knowing your life’s purpose and working relentlessly towards it. My personal purpose in life is to help others, particularly those who face some form of discrimination in society, to fully realise their potential. Ultimately, my founding partner Elizabeth Galbut and I hope to create a new generation of wealth for women by funding inspiring female entrepreneurs, as well as pushing women to start equity investing early on so they have this accumulated wealth when they are older."

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Photography Gan, assisted by Kenneth Tan, Samsidi Baderi and Loy Kok Wee
Art direction Matilda Au
Stylist Lena Kamarudin, assisted by Haikel Shah 
Hair Junz Loke/Hairloom, using Goldwell 
Skincare and Make-Up Lolent Lee, using Sulwhasoo

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