Italian furniture company Moroso was established in 1952 by Agostino Moroso and his wife Diana with the objective of making sofas, armchairs and furnishing accessories. 

Today, the company, helmed by Patrizia Moroso, daughter of Agostino and Diana, is well-known for its use of high quality materials and superb workmanship. Notable collaborative partners include famed designers Ron Arad, Patricia Urquiola and Tokujin Yoshioka, just to name a few.

For its latest collection, Moroso has looked to the African jungles and landscape for inspiration, and its one-of-a-kind pieces are surefire conversation starters.

Senegal-O Chair

According to designer Tord Boontje, the idea for this chair came from a dreamcatcher his daughter made for his birthday. Paying homage to the traditional Senegalese art of weaving, Boontje imagined the circular backrest to look like a halo surrounding the person who sits on it.


These sleek yet distinctive chairs speak for themselves. They’re handmade with woven threads normally used for fishing nets, and comes in a variety of sizes and colours.


This piece—built in Dakar—is a playful combination of two flowing, intertwined loops. The inner loop uses a closed woven pattern that provides comfort for the seat and backrest; the outer loop creates a space frame using semi-open weaving. Boom! You get an intimate space that’s at once warm and inviting.


The pieces in this collection represent a modern, functional approach to form, while staying true to old African craft techniques. The patterns are formed by weaving plastic threads commonly used in Africa to make fishing nets, making the chairs resistant to sun, water and wear. Got to have it in your patio.


The curved design is inspired by the courtship dance of ostrich birds in East Africa, while the flapping of wings creates overhanging shapes that form the basis of this chair’s silhouette. Handmade in Senegal, each is unique, in a different colour and can be customised upon request.


The baobab is a ubiquitous tree in the African continent and has a large wide trunk with a flat canopy of branches. Like the tree, this coffee table has a wide base, which was produced in Senegal. The top is made in Italy.